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About Emanuel

Born on the Island of Puerto Rico, the youngest of 3, Emanuel lived there only a couple of years until his parents sought a better life for in the continental United States. They arrived in Pennsylvania in 1981 and have remained residents of the Lehigh Valley ever since. Although Spanish was the 1st language Emanuel had heard, he was young enough to also learn the English language very quickly. He predominantly worked in industrial warehousing positions and was able to work his way up to a management roll with a large medical distribution company due to his ability to speak Spanish and English fluently. Emanuel’s ability to operate with a high level of patience and understanding, combined with his inherent skill to be able to connect, train and work with people from all types of backgrounds gave him the ability to determine his own independence and venture out of the corporate structure. This was the first time he felt like he could make a difference and help others on his journey.

When he began his Real Estate career in 2011 Emanuel focused on helping people who spoke Spanish get the help they needed that they otherwise were not finding. As time went on, he went from showing rentals and listing rental properties to showing and listing homes for sale. He soon was connecting with investor clients that were buying single family homes and multifamily apartment buildings, setting them up with Jennifer's growing property management company, and quickly learning what attracted them to specific types of properties. He has spent the last 5 years, helping investors, buy, fix and flip properties for profit while managing the day to day sales operations of the Steel City Real Estate Team. Emanuel and Jennifer went from working under other brokers roof’s to owning their own, and being one of the top real estate teams in the Lehigh Valley. The real estate team, combined with the property management company and title company, truly make their business a one-stop shop for investors looking to expand their investment portfolio in the easiest way possible. They help them locate, assess, acquire, renovate, sell, hold, flip properties and achieve whatever the business plan is. Their network of satisfied investors and business partners grows daily. Emanuel and Jennifer have spent their time, energy and money cultivating relationships and making their processes duplicatable in any market.

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